Teacher Preparation Program (TPP)

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Applicants to Friends TPP may be eligible to receive funds up to $32,000.

Teacher Preparation

Friends School offers a unique Teacher Preparation Program to aspiring teachers that will enable them to attain a Colorado Teaching License as well as an optional Master’s degree in education through our partnership with the University of Colorado Denver.

This highly regarded graduate-level program offers two tracks depending on your specific needs. Coursework begins in August with an orientation week and continues two Saturdays per month throughout the school year.  All teacher candidates will engage in a year of hands-on classroom teaching experience in their chosen field experience option: Early Childhood Education (ECE) or Elementary Education.

Info Sessions

Learn more about our program by attending a Zoom Info Session or meet with us on an individual basis.

Info Session

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Applications for 2024-2025

Step 1

Complete the online application.

Step 2

Complete the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Alternative License Requirements. Prepare to take these Praxis Exams in the spring 2025.

  • Early Childhood Education (ages 0-8)
    • PRAXIS 5024 
  • Elementary Education (grades K-6) 
    • Math 5903 
    • Social Studies 5904 
    • Science 5905 

Step 3 (Optional)

CU Denver
Master’s Program

Applicants may choose to enroll in the Master’s Program. Enrollment occurs after applicants are accepted to the Friends TPP. For more information contact: tppinfo@friendsschoolboulder.org

Required Field Experience

Option 1

Co-Teaching Residency Model

The residency track of the program places teachers in one of our partnership classrooms in public and independent schools throughout Colorado depending on the teacher candidate’s preference.

Teacher candidates spend four days each week for one school year in either an elementary or preschool classroom, working alongside a mentor teacher in a co-teaching role. The mentor teacher serves as the teacher of record in this model. This is an unpaid position. For paid positions, see Option 2: Teacher of Record or Employee Model.

Option 2

Teacher of Record or Employee Model

In this track of the program, teacher candidates generally secure a position within a school on their own, either as the teacher of record, assistant or associate teacher, or paraeducator. The teacher candidate is an employee of the school. 

Teacher candidates in paraeducator or associate teacher positions spend five days each week for one school year in either an elementary or preschool classroom, working alongside a mentor teacher in a co-teaching role. The mentor teacher serves as the teacher of record in this model. 

Teacher candidates in a Teacher of Record position are the lead teacher and will have a mentor teacher in the same school.


Colorado Teaching License

Upon completion of the program and passing of required test, teacher candidates receive their Initial Colorado Teaching License in either Elementary Education (K-6) or Early Childhood Education (birth-age 8).

Master’s Degree (Optional)

Participants may choose to complete a Master’s in Learning, Developmental and Family Sciences, through our partnership with CU Denver.

Teacher candidates in the Master’s program receive 12 hours of graduate credit for their classroom teaching experience and coursework completed within the program, with an additional 6 credits earned through CU Denver courses during the program year. The remaining eighteen credits through CU Denver are generally taken over the summer and following year.

Tuition & Finances 2024-2025


Optional Additional Fees

Financial Aid & Scholarships

For more details: Email TPP Info

Applicants may be eligible to receive funds up to $22,000. This law creates an innovation program to provide stipends to eligible teacher candidates while they complete their clinical experience.

Applicants who complete their residency in a public school may be eligible to receive funds that pay for their tuition.

Offers a one-time grant for up to $3,000 for women enrolled in a Teacher Education Program and a MA/ED Program. They also offer low-interest education loans.

A program that provides free support to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a teacher. You could get perks like 1-on-1 coaching, up to $100 fee reimbursements, and a chance to win a regional $1,000 scholarship!

Create a TEACH Colorado account here before you apply to Friends School TPP. Once you have subscribed to TEACH Colorado and applied to Friends, submit your application fee reimbursement here and apply for the TEACH Colorado scholarship here!

Applicants must submit the online application and Kitzinger application by February 20, 2024. People who are not eligible for the Colorado HB22-1220 or ERR grants may apply for this scholarship. More information on the Kitzinger Scholarship and how to apply.

Tuition Reimbursement

Several of our partner schools that are independent will pay for the Teacher Candidate’s Tuition upon full completion of the Co-Teaching Residency Model.

Partner Schools

The Friends School Teacher Prep Program was one of the best years of my life, and it has shaped my entire teaching career. I completed the program in 2008 and have been teaching from the heart ever since. Thank you!"

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